Quest Childline! by Jermaine Joseph

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May 10, 2018
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May 23, 2018

Quest Childline! by Jermaine Joseph


How can we live in a world if we don’t give back? This week was filled with community service and at the same time a plumbing course because Quest refuses to see us relaxing or “dangling”.

The intake was split into 3 groups where they would rotate during the week to the different stations of the week. Group 1 and 2 stayed at the Quest campus where they did the plumbing and the community service for local schools which are connected to Falcon.

Focusing more on the outrageous things that didn’t take place at Quest, Group 3, also known as the elite 6, the amazing 6, the fantastic 6, the greatest of all time 6 and to the Quest boys the teacher’s pets or the goody goody boys. These selected 6 were the chosen ones to take charge of the grade 6 Whitestone school camp that took place in Quiet Waters at Pumula camp. This was a great task because at the same time they were advertising Falcon College and the teachers of Whitestone needed a break. So the boys needed to pull up their socks, put on their serious faces and prepare themselves.

The 6 were:

Jandré Burger also known as Mr. B. The push up giving dragon.

Sean Lewis also known as Sean. The unknown silent killer.

Lushano also known as Lushus. The man with long hair.

Mitchell Dickenson also known as Itchy Mitchy. The man that suffered with tick bite fever.

Robbert Law also known as Robin Hood. The man who was a hero.

Jermaine Joseph also known as Mr. Jay. The man loved by all. 😉

The boys then became sirs which felt extremely weird for them but it felt like they had moved up the responsibility ladder. The boys were not ready. They did not expect so much from the kids. From drama with girls, late night gossip sessions, complaining and whining, to fighting and wrestling matches with the boys and the worst of them all, the sleepless nights because of outrageous noises.

This was going to be their greatest task of all time. Some had experience with children but I doubt it mattered here because these kids could have easily trumped that. I doubt the kids saw the sign “Quiet Waters” because from the moment they entered the noise levels went from quiet to shooting off the scale. The animals would always be on the other side of Quiet Waters trying to get as far away from the noise as possible. This was not just a camp but it was a chance for the boys to put their leadership skills to practice and see how great a leader they were.

 On arrival of the little minions, bags had to be off loaded (not bags, I mean houses and bedrooms) from the giant truck. With 64 kids here there was over 150 bags to get to the specific child. The girls seemed organized, got their bags and left to their rooms. The boys on the other hand had to get their bags and had to set up their tents which they brought from home. There was a vote happening for the best leader between the Quest boys so all the boys had to get well involved if they were hoping to get any votes from the kids. Robin Hood thought he was going to win because he had the girls already but little did he know that was a rookie error. With bags packed and tents pitched up it was time to sleep but did the kids? Nope. Every 2 hours there was a problem with a child and the funny thing was that it was the girls, which meant that they needed their hero, Robin Hood, to come and save them. The girls ran from the opposite side of Pumula camp to the end where Robbie was living. For a first night it wasn’t that bad. We only had 2 hours of legit sleep which was spaced out as 15 minutes of actual sleep adding to 2 hours. That didn’t seem too bad. It was better than nothing. What could possibly go wrong?

The days consisted of three main activities, map work and orienteering, soil and food webs and finally insects. Most kids were regarded as city kids whereas other were meant for the bush. Other things took place such as cooking and camp fire singing. Best times were definitely the free time with the kids, being able to connect and make crazy outrageous bonds, whereas the down sides would be not being able to get sufficient amount of sleep. Regardless the boys did an outstanding job.

The boys showed they were capable of handling the task. They showed great leadership skills and made the kids feel loved. I am very sure the kids would have found it better to stay at camp rather than going back home, but nevertheless, goodbyes where needed and of course they were very painful to say. I am very sure Mr. Jay was very happy with his victory of having the most votes and being the most loved leader. Something the other guys can learn from.

Quest always finds a way to spice up our weekends and this time they outdid themselves. Saturday consisted of 28 minutes of intensive CrossFit session which was unbelievably difficult. For the first time in forever the Quest boys had found their match and never did they think it was going to be CrossFit. Leaving the gym being unable to walk, we were taken to a polo-cross event. This was new to most people but exciting to watch. Being spoilt by Quest they knew where to get us. Booking movies tickets for everyone to watch the new Avengers’ movie, “Infinity War”. The guys couldn’t believe it. Best way to end such an amazing day is with a pizza. What more could you ask for.

Such a crazy week to be backed up by a crazy weekend.

Jermaine Joseph