The Quest Team interviewed Luke Baber

January 8, 2016
The Quest Team interviewed Andrew During
January 8, 2016

The Quest Team interviewed Luke Baber

The Quest Team interviewed Luke Baber to find out a little more about him and his quest in life.

Many thanks, Luke, for taking part in this interesting Q & A session.
HOME:  Lived in Jo’burg until recently when his parents moved to Cape Town.

SCHOOL:  Michael House

TENT:  Amundsen

SHARING WITH:  Gareth  Rogers and Hugo Van Lennep

WHY QUEST?  The 7 month course fits in with going to Edinburgh University in September.  Luke wanted a productive gap year, and the Quest core program was recommended to him by previous Questors.

BEST EXPERIENCE SO FAR:  Survival week.  It brought everyone together and they all bonded as a unit during that time.

MOST CHALLENGING EXPERIENCE SO FAR:  Also survival week.  We were constantly on the move, always wanted more food, needed to get to know each other…but I guess that’s why we all bonded so well which also made it the best experience!


MOST ENTERTAINING ASPECT OF QUEST:  The banter between Kurt Pollen and Nick Williamson!

MOTTO:  At time of going to press Luke was still deliberating!

PERSON MOST ADMIRED:  At risk of sounding very cheesy, it’s still got to be my Dad and also my brother.

PLANS AFTER QUEST: Edinburgh University.