Questioning Pommie

Game Ranch Management
January 8, 2016
Thesiger Tent Intake 2 2015
January 8, 2016

Questioning Pommie


As an English bloke coming to Quest is definitely an adventure, the heat, the early mornings, the snakes to name just a few of the things that are different to the cold wet awesome country that is England.

In the first week we found ourselves in the bush trying to survive. My week was a struggle as I was sharing a tent with a Frenchman. A big no no in my country. Quest is mainly made up of South African teens, so of course fierce debates echo through the tents when ever rugby is discussed, and with the upcoming rugby World Cup approaching ever so fast these debates are occurring more than ever.

When I came to quest I probably understood about 1/2 of the words being used, whether they were random Shona, Afrikaans or Matabele words or just random slang. Sleeping is now dorsing, people are called oaks, a cigarette can be gwai, goite, or a shmeek.

I am now very proud to say I understand almost every word. Of course I bring my own slang from Great Britain so I hit them with words like cotch, GG’s, and an abundance of swag.

I would say the best thing about being a pommy at Quest is that on the odd occasion we have wine it is South African wine.

All things considered quest is actually a rather cultural place with a Frenchman, a German, an Englishman and South of the equator oaks from Zambia zimbabwe, and all over South africa and that’s just from intake 2.

– Duggie Cook.