Second Semester Round Up by Matthew Slack

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May 23, 2018
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July 6, 2018

Second Semester Round Up by Matthew Slack

Second Semester Round Up!


By Matt Slack


Term two was an absolute blast! A term of pure adventure, travel and some of the most diverse PT sessions we’ve had thus far. We’ve all developed and changed so much over this term and our intake is more united than it’s ever been.


Our last two weeks at Quest, after Malawi have been dedicated to pumping our fitness levels back up and time to plan and work on our projects. Our projects are a fundamental learning challenge here at Quest where we get the chance to put our skills to the test in real life examples but before we could even think about committing to a project, we had to present our idea to the ‘Dragons Den’. Yes, like the show on TV.


We did a ballistics course with some serious weaponry and some very expensive ammunition where we got a chance to test our skills out on the firing range. Along with learning about hunting big and dangerous game with firearms we also had a talk on Falconry. We were introduced to the many types of Falcon you get and how to hunt with them in the field. We learnt the basic principles of self-defence with two Japanese Jujitsu Fighters. A very entertaining day as a very small sensei had turns flipping some of the biggest Quest guys right over his back.


At the end of every term we have some kind of fitness challenge. This terms Quest Fitness Challenge involved five days, five challenges and only one winner. We were split into odds and evens and presented with some very intense challenges. We hit the weights, had an 8 km race, pushed massive tires up almost every hill in Quiet Waters, did the QFT and finished off with a game of tug of war and a soccer match. The odds took the win for this term.


We’ve all learnt so much in the five months we’ve been here and I can’t wait to see what term three has in store for us.