Senga Bay, Malawi – by Ross Lundt

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November 9, 2017
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November 24, 2017

Senga Bay, Malawi – by Ross Lundt

In the second week of our Malawi trip we left Cape McClear on Friday the 3rd to continue to another part of Malawi called Senga Bay. We stayed in a place called Murandy lodges. We arrived there just on time for lunch. Afterwards we went to Cool Runnings to meet Sam and her assistants. Sam then gave us a brief rundown of what we would be doing for the next 6 days.

We went back to our lodges to get some rest in order to start our community work on the Saturday morning. We were there to build and construct more of a previous project on a school in the Parachute Battalion barracks.

We worked for several days up until Tuesday where we had a free fun day. We were split up into 2 teams and had to play games against each other. We played volley ball, water rugby and did a quiz. The winning team would all get a beer each. Team B won the two sports and team A won the quiz. After all that fun and games we then went back to our lodges and had our lunch. After which we continued with our more work. The next day many of us fell ill with dehydration so we all had to drink that dreadful rehydrate solution.

Two guys in fell badly ill, one with suspected malaria and another with an infection. We continued work without them for the next few days.  On the last day, we worked up until lunch time and all had the afternoon off in which we could pack up and most of us went on a boat ride to an island. On this island we chilled and did high rock jumps and swam for a while. Afterwards we all went back to our lodges to pack our bags into the overlander. This was so we could just walk onto the overlander and depart very early the next morning. That evening we had dinner with Sam which was amazing. Sam then gathered all of us to hand out her famous prizes firstly to the best team and then each individual received a personal prize depicting their character traits.  

It was an early start the next day in order to leave at 2 am, and start our journey back Quest. On the way we stayed the night at Bryden Junior school. 

We all arrived back at Quest in the early afternoon and had Saturday afternoon and Sunday off to recover from our long journey, and get ready to start our projects on Monday morning. 

Out of this trip we all learnt that doing that sort of community work for a school was amazing and the children certainly seemed to love and appreciate what we did for them, and we hope they will now love and enjoy going to school.