Sums, Sparks and Speaking – Mixed Core 2016

Malilangwe with Mixed Core
September 18, 2016
Elephant Prints – Mixed Core 2016
October 12, 2016

Sums, Sparks and Speaking – Mixed Core 2016


By Katherine Jones  of Thesiger Tent

After a much welcomed 10 day break, the Mixed Core Intake arrived back at Quest eager to see what term 2 would provide.  Never failing to disappoint, our first PT session proved to be a reminder of what might have been lacking during the break!.

Split into 2 groups for the week, we got the opportunity to spend a day with the children from a local school in Esigodini, as part of our community work.  It was an incredibly rewarding experience interacting with the kids, helping them with their school work and playing team sports together.  It also opened our eyes to how fortunate we have been in our education, coming from all corners of the world, reminding us not to take the small things for granted.

This week was not without its scrapes… Participating in a welding course at the workshop, we are all proud bearers of a sun burn or two..  nevertheless, learning the technicalities behind the welding process, and getting the chance to do some welding ourselves was a great opportunity.  Besides, who doesn’t love a couple of tests at the end of the week to solidify their knowledge? So,.. to the Intake I say ‘weld’ done!

Finally, we sat down to perfect our public speaking skills, a topic that doesn’t necessarily sit well with many.  Thanks to Mr Randle, we felt more confident as we prepared for our individual presentations on different current affairs in the world today.  Researching topics such as Islam, Korea, the Taliban, Fracking, and the Stock Market, to name a few, can look like a daunting task, and to present for 5-10 minutes individually did not make the job any more enticing.  Despite this, Saturday morning brought with it 15 public speakers, each providing an insight into various topics newsworthy in the world today, hiding any sign of nerves they might have felt!

With another busy week behind us, we are sad to say goodbye to the welcome rain that appeared at the weekend, but excited for the experiences that await us at Hwange National Park