Sunrises, sunsets and a lot of sweat in between!

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January 8, 2016
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February 3, 2016

Sunrises, sunsets and a lot of sweat in between!

Sunrises, sunsets and a lot of sweat in between!

By Livingstone Tent  (Luca Giannoccaro, Matt Stanford and Michael Geyser)

It’s been an absolute cracker of a first week here at Quest.  We have settled in very well and all seem to get along (so far!).  It was cool to have met a couple of the guys at OR Tambo Airport where we started chatting and it was good to share the same flight up to Bulawayo.  Then our 1st incident happened….. Harry Taylor’s luggage experienced an extended stop-over in Jo’burg and failed to follow him to Bulawayo, but luckily caught up with him a few days later. 

Arriving at Quest the guys all looked anxious but very excited.  Moms and Dads were given a quick briefing about what their sons will be experiencing and then were promptly asked to leave so that we could start our ‘Quest Experience’.  We had a chance to settle in and smarten up for our evening at the Bushtick Pub over at Falcon College where we got to formally introduce ourselves to the Quest and Falcon staff.

017The next morning was an early start and we completed our first fitness test and recorded all our measurements.  We are all confident that we will do a lot better next time!

A GPS reading lesson followed and in the afternoon we were thrown into the bush and had to navigate our way around the Game Park.  Afterwards we were promptly told to pack our backpacks with limited items for an unknown destination, for an unknown amount of time……

….. this begun at 3am!  During the hike Mr Randle kindly threw Harry onto our stretcher because apparently he was ‘injured’.  Now Harry is the tallest lad in our intake which made our lives that much ‘easier’.  Fortunately he ‘got better’ after a few Km’s on the stretcher… but then…. Henry Rose-Martin suddenly became ‘injured’.  Henry on the other hand is not the tallest but is one of the heaviest of the guys.  It was tough but we found some humour in it all and managed to get them to the camp site.

We went up quite a few kopjies during our hikes, but the most memorable ones were:  The beacon, where we had a 360 degree view which gave us an excellent idea of the landscape we would be crossing.  We also went up one for sunset and another where most of us were for sunrise.. except Luca who was getting acquainted with ‘Dug’ after drinking some bad water!

After 4 days in the bush getting tired and hungry, tempers were fragile.  The first crack happened on the last day, up the last hill, but was quickly resolved and as there were hamburgers and juice awaiting our arrival at the top, all was well.  We arrived back at our Quest tents on Sunday morning and raced to our showers, enjoyed breakfast and a day of rest, ending our challenging, enjoyable 1st week of Quest.

Quotes of the week:  Heard on day 4 in the bush.  ( I had to add these.. Ed)  

“My whole area just smells!”  Gustav.. as he tries to walk away from himself.

“I need another chicken”  Henry