Tech Week Intake 1

Quest Africa review by Tim Rath
January 8, 2016
It Takes All Types!
January 8, 2016

Tech Week Intake 1

Tech Week / Intake 1 / Amundsen Tent

We were tasked this week with three different activities. Construction, mechanics and Natural acumen.

Construction consisted of building a little house and we quickly learnt how to make cement and to lay bricks. After that we were confronted with the hands on duty of completely stripping a land rover which was extremely good fun however I don’t think any of us will actually be able to put it back together again without the help of Mr. Davies.

Our last session was with Mr. Macdonald where we learnt everything from rocks in the area to trees in Zim. I also learnt that there are 500 different types of grass in Zim unfortunately with my poor ability to remember names I have only managed to remember a few of these trees and grasses but knowledge of the land does grasp my curiosity and I have a new found respect for the area that we are in and just how powerful nature is.

After our week in these three fields we were all gathered for a meeting in the main area when we were told about the next week, where we would have the privilege to go on a house boat after our touch bowl rugby tournament. The tournament alone had everyone at Quest buzzing with excitement, after all we had been training for this since we arrived at Quest.

To say it was a long drive to the tournament would be an understatement and as usual the Zim roads made for an uncomfortable ride, however none of that mattered as soon as we reached our destination.

We had arrived! We drove through the gates of Bryden Country School to a field set up for the tournament and in typical Quest spirit we began to play an early game of touch rugby.

Needing to be fresh and strong we woke up a little later than our usual 5:30 start, and began to we prepar ourselves for the day ahead as many of our opposition teams started to arrive. Not quite the 50 year old ‘ballies’ we were expecting!  Especially those in the ‘boozers league’.

Who knew that this was going to be so serious? We had teams with boots and players who looked like they had taken steroids to win the tournament.

Through the day our A team dominated their games in the top division, to arrive at the semi finals. They played their hearts out for a very respectable 3rd place in the tournament.

We played hard and that night we partied hard too. With music playing everything from the 80s to Avicii it was an extremely enjoyable night. The party ended at about 4:30 that morning and we were up to leave at 5!

The entertaining sight of Hugh Marffy packing up that morning left us all in good spirits as we faced another full day of driving to reach the house boat at Kariba.

There was lots of snoring on the Overlander as we worked our way to Kariba and by the time we arrived we were well rested and ready for the week of fishing that was to follow.

And what a week it was.