The Beginning of The End

Second Semester Round Up by Matthew Slack
July 2, 2018
Mountain Mists by Mitchell Dickerson
July 22, 2018

The Beginning of The End

The Beginning of the End

By Jermaine Joseph

First week of the last semester of Quest Africa. A good feeling to be back but a better feeling to graduate. It seemed like last holiday was fairly interesting for most of the lads. Thierry was invited to the Joseph house hold where he experienced a whole new African culture all together. Going to church, visiting family and seeing what it is in the deep parts of central Harare. All together I believe he enjoyed himself.  In contrast, the Raspberry Shortcakes decided to take their experience to the south coasts of South Africa, in Cape Town. Enjoying their break like grown men, let’s hope they behaved like grown men too.

Some boys couldn’t stand the thought of leaving home so they decided to give themselves a longer break. The likes of Quinten who turned 21 during the break, the Namibian brothers with Lushano returning with a moon boot on his foot, Robbie who was carrying malaria during the break and Matthew who thought he needed a few more days to skateboard at home.

The first week started on an extreme high, with an 11.5km run in the morning. This semester we mean business and that means no messing around. The following days were extremely painful for the lads. Legs feeling like jelly, which was entertaining to watch. Most of them walking looked like they were dancing to the old school shuffle.

Besides fitness, the week was a time to improve the projects which the boys had selected. Being given the responsibility to put all that we’ve learnt at Quest into action, it seems like our parents money is actually being put into good use. Putting in the hours you have Mitchell working hard in the workshop, Cameron, Nick and Luke W creating additional parts to the Quest gym and out in the field you have Jandré, Aiden and George are preparing for their goat farm deep in Quiet Waters. On the other hand eating all the WiFi, you have Tom and Luke DT creating new Quiet Waters logos for t-shirts. Along them abusing the WiFi you have Jermaine and Lushano preparing to travel to Namibia to market and expose Quest there.

All together it was a good start to the final semester. So much to do in such little time. Chimanimani, Malilangwe and Victoria Falls here we come. It’s the final sprint now.


by Jermaine Joseph