‘IN VINO VERITAS’ (Pliny 23-79AD)

January 8, 2016
High Flying over Okavango Botswana
January 8, 2016

‘IN VINO VERITAS’ (Pliny 23-79AD)

‘IN VINO VERITAS’  (Pliny 23-79AD)

By Nick Williamson of Livingston Tent

With the great peaks of the Chimanimani mountains behind us, Intake one has returned to Quest for  another Project Week.

Happy with the prospect of three weeks on the Quest campus, and eager to continue the projects each group has worked so hard on, this could not have been more welcome.

Needless to say, the week was indeed busy, as each project has begun to explode into activity as the all the plans we made have started to bear fruit. Though many a set-back has occurred, every error and mistake is a learning experience.

The Quail projects first attempt at incubation unfortunately failed, resulting in a wasted batch of eggs, but they have not given up in their endeavours. The Tractor restoration team has been hindered by a lack of parts but have managed to do a great deal with what they have.

And then of course there’s my own group. We too have done a tremendous amount of work in the past week and as a result we’ve added another cocktail evening to our repertoire and the Quest Bartending & Cocktail guide is well under way. Future Generations at Quest will still be propping up the bar, but now they can do it with Style.

Speaking of which, on Thursday evening Mrs Randle and the Stable Winery representative, Mrs Dunn, hosted a Wine Tasting evening at the Randle’s home, during which we sampled a number of wines writing down our opinions on ‘nose’, appearance and taste.  But as the evening continued, the myriad of flavours blended and left us all happily confused.  The effects of the evening were noticeable during very early PT the following morning.