Vunduful Kariba

Getting Stuck In
March 7, 2016
Hunting, Shooting and Fishing
April 21, 2016

Vunduful Kariba



By Livingstone Tent: Luca Giannoccaro, Matt Stanford & Michael Geyser.


We started our week with two days in camp testing our academic and intellectual concentration, and finished off with sunshine, boats, fishing, a little bit of ‘working’ and a lot of fun.


Our accounting lesson with Mrs Fenwick started early Monday morning where some of the guys struggled to focus and other were on the edge of their seats, eager to learn more.  Later that afternoon we wrote a test, of course there were the few who weren’t so happy and then there were the others who were excited to show off their knowledge on the topic.


The following day we learnt about presentation skills with Mr. Randle, which was somewhat nerve wracking for a lot of us, as not many of us are very good at public speaking.  We learnt to identify our own strengths and weakness when speaking in public and learnt some skills to overcome these weaknesses and were given advice on how to present to an audience.  This was tested later that day with group presentations. One of the presentations done by Matt, Angus, Brandan and Harry, started off with Angus singing his own remix of “I Will Survive” which everyone found rather humorous.


We spent the rest of that afternoon prepping ourselves for an early departure to Kariba.


At 3am we woke and by 4am we were off on a very long 12 hour trip which consisted of sleeping-and-eating-and-sleeping-and-eating.
When we arrived in Kariba we were given a warm welcome from Mr. & Mrs. Swart, as well as the crew from Vunduful. We also met Mr. Kuhn who was going to be our media teacher for the next 3 days. It was a quick offload from the over-lander to the houseboat and then we were off! We cruised off into the sunset to find a nice small island where we tied up for the night. Without a second to waste, the fishing rods were out and the first few fish were on deck in a matter of seconds.


The next morning started off with a PT session run by Mr. Kuhn which involved quite a few large rocks! We had our media lesson soon after, some breakfast and then we were off to our next stop, Gordon’s Bay.  The voyage consisted of some sleeping, some media work and some swinging in a hammock. The view from the boat was absolutely beautiful and unforgettable and as we approached our next spot, we had our first sighting of several bull elephant grazing along the bank.  Upon arrival three elephant became rather inquisitive and came very close to the boat which was an amazing sighting for us.


As we finished tying up the boat the rods were back into the water, which led to more fish being caught. In the afternoon Justin hooked the first large fish, which gave him a good fight, but unfortunately he lost it at the side of the boat. About an hour after, Kyle, hooked and managed to land a big barbel and subsequently found Justin’s hook in its mouth!  Before we ended our media session for the day, a freak wind came up and started launching our belongings off the boat into the water. (Fortunately a few items declared ‘lost’ in the wind were then recovered a few days later safely tucked in the storage lockers! -ed)


At our next location, Ross, had a close encounter with a very large bull elephant which mock charged (flapped its ears -ed)  at him resulting in a very  ‘girly’ scream as he fled to the boat. We also began recording our short films, which resulted in some random scenes being recorded on and off the boat, with Matthieu getting covered in mud and Michael having a bucket of water thrown on him….. twice!


That evening we arrived at our final destination where we spent the time fishing and finalizing our videos. The fishing was unsuccessful around the houseboat, but once we left on the smaller tender boats, that’s when the fish were caught.

That evening we started presenting our films. They were all good and very well prepared, but Shagwell Productions (Angus, Luca, Harry, Matthew. W and Michael) starring Michael Geyser in Militia Fitness, outdid the rest in humour.


The food throughout the trip was absolutely delicious and the fact that we were served tea and coffee every 3 hours was truly amazing.


We set off early the next morning back to Andora Harbour where we sadly had to depart from Vunduful and get back onto the overlander for another 12 hours which again was spent sleeping-and-eating-and-sleeping-and-eating.


Throughout the trip Hugo did not manage to catch a single fish, not even a squeaker – which everyone caught at least one of.  Jabu on the other hand out fished everyone catching decent sized bream left, right and centre.


Overall we had a really amazing week and are fully rested and prepared to spend another week and a half working hard a Quest before our first break home.