Vunduful Week

Finding Ourselves
January 8, 2016
January 8, 2016

Vunduful Week

A Vunderful Week!

Luke Hudson, Sean Pascoe and Douglas Cook (Heyerdahl) 

Week 5 for Intake 2 was easily the best week of Quest so far. The week consisted of 4 days aboard the ‘Vunduful’  House Boat on Lake Kariba while undergoing “Media Week”, and 2 days at the Touchbowl  Rugby in Chegutu.

We left Quest Campus on Monday morning, and travelled a glorious 7 hours in our ever-so determined Overlander to our first pit-stop where we camped out for the night at Bryden Country School. The next day we travelled an even more glorious 9 hours to Lake Kariba, where we boarded our temporary Aquatic-home, and sailed out into what looked like the Atlantic Ocean, except with more wildlife and malaria. Paired with great weather, the scenery was truly spectacular. To put the size of the lake into perspective, on the first day we cruised for around about 5 hours and only covered a eighth of its distance.

Days aboard Vunduful were filled with media lessons, fishing, tanning, and game viewing.  Nigel Kuhn conducted the media core of the week, and bestowed upon us knowledge and wisdom similar to that of James Cameron and Steven Spielberg. We learnt how to use our photography equipment, and how to apply that knowledge to different photography situations. We were split up into 3 groups of 5, and were instructed to film and photograph everything we did over the duration of the excursion. By the end of the 3 days, 3 world-class videos were created, and displayed to everyone on the last night.

Every morning and evening was spent fishing for the abundant Bream and elusive Tiger Fish. While docked on the first night, Curtis Louw managed to reel in a 1.5m Vundu. Hayden Baum caught 8 Bream in the space of 40 minutes, while Jean Reverdy caught a slight tan.

Tent Heyerdahl hasn’t been without its misfortune this week though, Duggie started the week in the San after doing a very stylish  front flip off his bike ending up with 5 stitches in his right hand. On the second day in Kariba, as we hit the deepest part of the Lake, a chorus of splashing was heard as the whole of Intake 2 jumped into the water. Sean rose out of the depths in a panic as his Gopro dove down and down and down, it is still probably recording now.

Brad Dickerson’s 20th birthday was celebrated accordingly on the 2nd night, as we got stuck into our 3 beers each.

The wildlife in and around Kariba was something out of a National Geographic Special on channel 181. At one point there was a herd of buffalo, a couple of elephants, 2 crocodiles, a herd of impala and 7 Fish Eagles all in a 360 degree radius of the boat. A pack of lions voiced some inconsiderate roars as they woke us up in the early hours of the first morning too.

On Friday we departed from Kariba, and headed to the Touch Tournament in Chegutu. Quest entered 3 teams: a ‘Boozers’ team, a B team, and an A team. The Boozers, led by Duggie, did as expected and lost all of their games, but won on the social front. The B team’s pool was easily the hardest of them all, which resulted in them only winning 1 out of their 5 matches. The A team won their first four matches with ease, until colliding with Team Bowl’s utter wrath, which caused the winning streak in the pool stages to come to a sudden halt. To be fair, Team Bowl did win the tournament in the end. Unfortunately the A team lost in the semi-finals to the Old Hararians , and ended up in 3rd place overall. Prize Giving saw Sean Pascoe win “Dick of the Day” (self explanatory) and Peter Symons “Player of the Tournament.” The night contained appropriate festivities, as we drank Castle-Lite to the sweet sound of Zimbabwean country music, and vigorously brainstormed how to speak to women as we’ve been out of the game for quite a while now.

Overall, Week 5 was a raging success. The combination of chilling and competition served well as a “rest week” as the previous 4 had been pretty exhausting.

Signing off from Heyerdahl