Waterfalls and Welding

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January 25, 2017
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February 10, 2017

Waterfalls and Welding


By Keaton Jones, Alex Herselman and Dylan Steyn


The start of the week saw us being divided into two groups.  One half heading off into the Matopos on a cycling and hiking trip and the other were to complete their welding course with a team from Harare. Half way through the week they were to swap around.

We started with the cycling group and before long.. in fact about 100m.. Dylan managed to go over his handlebars and almost write off his bike! Thus he was then using the old spare Quest bike for the rest of the trip.  The rest of the cycle was relatively uneventful and short and we found ourselves at Diana’s Pools.  There are beautiful natural rock slides and our tender backsides from the cycle were further battered by endless sliding.  The next morning we had a terrible discovery… some of our food which we had foolishly left outside overnight had been stolen!  Our cycle and hike to the next campsite involved crossing over the top of a waterfall, using ropes for safety to stop us getting washed over if we slipped.  Once safely across we spent a happy few hours in the pool at the base of the falls.

After a night at the campsite on the river bank we started a march which turned out to be a tough, very hot 11.4km along the dirt road to the bus.  The bus had to be walked past a couple of times on our way which was mentally challenging!  This torment was made up for with ice cold soft drinks and a taste of local ‘brew’ from a store further down the road.

We arrived back at Quest, excited to see the rest of the group and warn them about what was in store.  They had been learning to weld and had just completed their tests when we arrived. The evening was very sociable and busy as we gathered at Mr and Mrs Randles’ house for an introduction to the Social Acumen program and a glass of wine.

The next day our group started on the theory of welding.  Over the next 3 days we did more theory and a lot of practical sessions and were finally tested on our skills on the Saturday… we still await our results.

This weekend has seen us relaxing and getting some good rest in before we head off to the mine and onto a farm for what promises to be an intense week.