Welcome Men’s Core 2017 – Operation “Q”

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December 7, 2016
Waterfalls and Welding
February 1, 2017

Welcome Men’s Core 2017 – Operation “Q”


By Alexander Kubierske : Men’s Core Intake 2017

At an unknown location in deepest Matabeleland, a secret program, known simply as ‘’Q” is underway.  24 men train hard under a strict 6 day program.  This start of this project consists of an extremely testing week in the bush.  The secrecy of the program catches us all unawares, and rapid decision making is required.

Woken in the middle of the night, bundled into a vehicle and dropped at an unknown destination, we started to walk.  Fortunately the extremely wet conditions that had met us on arrival at Quest, cleared up and we were to remain relatively dry. The nature of everyone’s activities are so secret, that the instructors take on code names, such as Mr. M and Mr H.  Even the high profile members of the intake are only referred to as ‘Q’ or ‘Hitman’.  I, myself am known as Kubers or ‘Gassy’… which comes from our first few nights of camping and hiking.  Although all this, with fitness sessions at 5.45 every morning is a challenge for us Questors, we are pulling together and coping with all the secrecy…..

We know that despite total lack of contact with the outside world, we have our supporters out there!