On Sunday, 15th November, we left for Chimanimani. I had never been to “chims” before so I was very excited by the prospect. When we arrived there, the mountains were so high that they seemed to be swallowed up whole by the clouds. The views were beautiful and reminded me of Nyanga with its thick forests and grey skies. We met Nola’s family who live in the picturesque foothills. They welcomed us all in and let us stay in their beautiful farmhouse for the night, as well as cooking us up a wonderful meal! The next day we woke up early to get to the National Park and start our mountain expedition. The hut was our first destination, and after a grueling climb, we finally arrived! From there we went a little further to our camping spot for the night, Red Wall Cave. I found sleeping in the cave ‘interesting’, as I had never done anything like it before. The next day we woke up and made for Mt Peza. That was the most challenging and dangerous hike I’d ever done as it was wet, steep and slippery. I’m really glad I made it… and back down. After the hike we made our way back to the ‘hut’ where we had a bit of time to relax, in between swimming in the crystal clear waters in the valley below. After having completed our Chimanimani stint, we departed for La Rochelle on the outskirts of Mutare. This was my favourite part of the week as we were starting our cooking course. I was a bit nervous, but I quickly gained confidence. Our Instructor was Sheila Dodington, who is extremely talented and experienced in the culinary and catering field. Sheila taught us that anyone can cook, but it takes passion to perfect the art. Our first dish was a beef stew and she taught us how herbs can really ‘spice’ up a dish. One of my favourites is basil. I was in charge of the stove most of the time so I got to taste a lot of dishes! The La Rochelle Chef was Crispen. I told him that I want to be a chef and as soon as he saw that I was devoted, he taught me a couple of dishes on the side. The first being crumbed mushroom which was delicious, and the second, Chicken Cordon Bleu. I would never have guessed that it is made with a chicken breast because the name is so fancy. I really loved the course. Sheila had so much faith in us and I truly loved the teamwork aspect of the course. Although the kitchen is no place to play around, you can have a great time! Cooking has been my favourite course yet and I appreciated every second of it but I definitely need more lessons in cooking rice! By Yani

January 8, 2016

Massive Mountains and Delicious Food

On Sunday, 15th November, we left for Chimanimani. I had never been to “chims” before so I was very excited by the prospect. When we arrived […]