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Quest Africa





01/24- 08/24

TYPE: Quest for young Men

LENGTH: 7 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: The seven month Quest Africa core. This is a 3 term program from January  to August. This  programme takes young men and transforms them into independent, resilient and resourceful young men. It is a comprehensive life-skills program involving acumen development in six  life skills areas, which we refer to as acumen's at Quest. This is an excellent  option for students who are not able to complete the full year Core Classic program  due to University enrollment or other commitments



07/23 - 12/23

TYPE: Quest for young Men and Women

LENGTH: 5 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: A slightly shorter but still a once in a lifetime adventure built around the Quest Acumens.This is open to young men and women aged 17 - 21 years. It will build confidence, develop life skills and help participants confirm their real direction in life as it covers all of the key elements of the Quest curriculum with the added advantage of being home for Christmas.



01/23- 11/23

TYPE: Core Classic for young men

LENGTH: 10 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: Quest's flagship course involves 4 terms from January to December and is open to male applicants between the ages of 17 and 21. The first 3 terms comprise of the Quest Core Course activities based on the development of  technical, natural, physical, business and social life skills. The 4th term (often known as Core +) is dedicated to “specialization”, whereby graduates of the Core Course are able to focus on skills development in certain selected areas.  

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all"
- Aristotle


Quest Africa was born out of a growing awareness of the gap between the conventional education curriculum and the next stage in a young adult's life. Most schools emphasise academic skills, leaving students less than optimally equipped in terms of practical skills, life skills and character building. Quest Africa aims to bridge this gap. Quest - Africa comprises two scenically diverse campuses, one in Matabeleland, Zimbabwe and the other in Kaba Conservancy in the Eastern Cape.

The Quest Africa programme was created to offer school leavers a well-rounded alternative to immediately pursuing a career or university education and is focused on character development, which has its roots in Aristotle's open air academy in Greece some 2400 years ago. Through its approach and focus on experiential learning, the Quest programme is designed to help young men and women build confidence and become hands-on entrepreneurs.

A no-holds-barred approach to education, Quest Africa is a life-changing experience that challenges students both mentally and physically. At Quest Africa, our vision is to take young adults on a journey of exploration and self discovery; to give them the opportunity to explore and express themselves as individuals and to discover and pursue their passions in life.

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