The structure of the course is divided into five main modules (acumen) which we believe to be the building blocks for success: physical, natural, social, business, media and technical acumen. In all cases, resident professionals, as well as guest instructors are utilised to offer the young men and women training which is both practical and current. 


During the programme real life situations manifest themselves and these are normally last minute. Questors are given the opportunity to design and implement procedures from safety procedures to organisational structures. Ensuring that any changes necessary are implemented on the spot to ensure a smooth delivery of the task at hand.


Examples could be a veld fire in Quiet Waters, animals which have been snared in a poachers snare or some other environmental disaster.

There is of course some theory across the Quest curriculum though the main method of learning is 'learning by doing', which is quite different to the traditional methods you would have been used to at school.

This principle has been around for thousands of years and has been championed by such luminaries such as Plato, Thomas Hobbes English and cultural anthropologists such as Montessori.


It comes in many forms including discovery versus instruction, practical experience versus book-learning, the practice-theory-practice dialectic, and proof upon practice.

This is the prime building block on which Quest is built.


Physical Acumen


Health & Fitness

Medical Emergency Course



Social Acumen

Career & Life Management

Interests & Skills


Hospitality & Catering

Public Speaking

Culinary skills

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 08.52.24.png

Natural Acumen

Hunting and Guiding Industries

Animal Husbandry/ Game Farming


Fauna and Flora

Equine Industry

Fish farming/  Aquatic Conservation

business 3.JPG

Business Acumen

Introduction to Business and Business Strategy

Finance and Accounts


Leadership in Business

Human Resource Management

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Technical Acumen

Safety in the workplace




Architecture and Design




Media Acumen

Writing for business

Writing for journalism

Photography and editing


Basic web design and analytics

Introduction to Cyber Security

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