We believe passionately in community responsibility, whether it is our own community or helping those we meet along the road, we ensure to set aside time in our curriculum.

As our students go forward in their respective careers and with life we aim to engender the philosophy doing good unto others. Charity begins at home and quite often just one moment of kindness may change a persons life forever. 

Quest Community work.

The following community orientated activities are incorporated into the Quest program:


Work with a local community run school that Quest supports with. Fund raising initiatives have allowed us to drill and install and solar powered borehole for the school.

When our timetable allows our students interact with the junior school children through games, teaching English and inviting them to Quest for conservation education in the Quest game park. 

Uplifting local people’s accommodation by incorporation of wood boilers, introduction of solar powered lighting and solar geysers.


Providing volunteers to help disabled children on the ‘Healing with Horses’ program.

Fundraising to support the’ Healing with Horses’ program 


Community work in Senga Bay, on lake Malawi, in conjunction with a local organisation called, ‘Cool Runnings’. This involves working with local schools to complete such projects as decorate classrooms, build bio-digester toilets, construct walls from non -recyclable items and build age related playgrounds.

Most recent

We believe that charity begins at home and so in 2019 the Quest Mixed Core programme spearheaded a drive to raise money for our chef, Chum's  five year old son Collet who was diagnosed with a heart condition.

The Quest mixed core of 2019 raised the funds to receive life changing open heart surgery in a top Cape Town hospital. 

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