The spirit of


"I am because we are"

We believe passionately in community responsibility, whether it is our own community or helping those we meet along the road, we ensure to set aside time in our curriculum.

As our students go forward in their respective careers and with life we aim to engender the philosophy doing good unto others. Charity begins at home and quite often just one moment of kindness may change a persons life forever. 

The following community orientated activities are incorporated into the Quest program:

Work with a local school that Quest supports.


Community run school - Esigodini

This includes interacting with the junior school children through games, teaching English and inviting them to Quest for conservation education. Helping them fund raise and partnering with them in providing essential skills for installing critical infrastructure such as boreholes, water tanks and building class rooms 

Cool Runnings - Lake Malawi

Community work in Senga Bay, on lake Malawi, in conjunction with a local organisation called, ‘Cool Runnings’.

This involves working with local schools to complete such projects as decorate classrooms, build bio-digester toilets, construct walls from non-recyclable items and build age related playgrounds.

Uplifting local people’s accommodation by incorporation of wood boilers, introduction of solar powered lighting and solar geysers.

Cool Runnings - Bulawayo

Providing volunteers to help disabled children on the ‘Healing with Horses’ program in Bulawayo. (Taken from Website) - 'At the Healing with Horses Therapeutic Centre we work with a lot of children who have cerebral palsy. CP is a weakness or lack of muscle control that originates in the brain with the result of stiffness, slowness, shakiness and difficulty in balance'.




We at Quest know we are on the right path when it comes to teaching the philosophy of giving back to those less fortunate as only last year in 2019, young students of the Mixed Core realised the need for a medical intervention of one of our own.


The five year old son, Collet who is the son of our loyal Quest chef, ‘Chum’ Mufandaedza who has worked at Falcon College and Quest for the last 9 years had been struggling with a congenital heart condition called ‘Tetralogy of Fallot’ - a hole in the heart. 


He battled to participate in physical activity and couldn't do what other children his age did.  Collet required a Complete Correction Operation as soon as possible.

This could not be done in Zimbabwe and a hospital in Cape town, South Africa had been recommended. The operation and hospital stay alone were likely to cost R 202 605 .


This was way beyond Chum’s finances. 


So we set about fund raising.


The Quest Mixed Core Programme stepped upto the plate and ran fund raisers. Questors, past and present donated funds and generous donations were realised from Falcon Old Boys and members of the public.

Such is the spirit of togetherness in Zimbabwe, known in Ndebele as 'Ubuntu', translated into English, 'I am because we are" that the operation was completed successfully and Collett now has full health and can enjoy life as a young boy his age, is meant to.

Thank you to the young men and women of the 2019 Mixed Core who drove this project, and the Falcon College culture of 'Ubuntu' or 'togetherness', which both the Old Boys Association and now Quest Africa are inextricably linked to, or perhaps this would not have come to pass.

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