Courses within the social acumen module are specifically focused on the students exploring the process of managing/developing their life and career, to help them identify areas to pursue in their work and/or leisure time and students will explore their preferred communication style.


Students explore the process of managing/developing their life and career. They will be expected to reflect, carry out research, evaluate options, make decisions & take action. 
Personality: Students will complete the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, a well respected personality assessment. They will explore the implications of their MBTI preferences within their own life by considering the following: 

* The dominant function and its relation to their areas of strength and as the basis of motivation 
* The support role played by the auxiliary function 
* The effects of the fourth or inferior function in their lives and its relationship to stress 
* Their contributions to a team and their potential “blind spots” 
* Extraversion/Introversion as a source of energy and the implications for their life, relationships and work. 
* Preferred learning style 
* Likely leadership style


Students complete the Campbell Interest and Skill Survey and use their results, together with information from their journal and previous life experiences, to help them identify areas to pursue in their work and/or leisure time; they will identify skills to be developed further and explain how they plan to develop them.


During the programme students are encouraged to use journaling and discussion sessions to reflect on and consider their OWN values. How do these values differ from society, or how are they the same? This is an important part of the CRITICAL THINKING process that is integral in every human being being able to form their own balanced opinions based on the facts and perspectives of others.


At the end of the course will be asked to list 5 key values.


Students will explore their preferred communication style; identify 3 blocks to communication and outline 5 ways to enhance communication.


Students will be assisted in writing their CV and exposed to interview techniques.




Students will outline their short, medium and long term goals, linking them to their personality preferences, interests, values, abilities and skills


This aspect of the course will involve the students providing entertainment for the other students, or guests at quest. There are a number of different avenues that can be pursued, and the students will be responsible for all aspects of the entertainment for the evening. This will include beverages and catering, through to the specific theme of the evening. Other projects might include production of short DVD - comedy and project work.


The content of the course will be as follows:* Establishing the students’ level of familiarity with the subject of public speaking. * Introduction to public speaking (based on principles of Toast Masters International) * Adjudication of speeches and feed back * Choice of an appropriate topic * Brainstorming ideas * Research * Identify arguments, own point of view and personal experiences * Layout and structure of one’s speech * Writing a first draft * Editing draft and writing of second draft * CV writing, interview skills, etc * Performance - adjudicated by co-participants

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