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As part of the photography course, students will be taught the history of photography, the basic's of using a DLSR camera ( Aperture, Shutter Speed,ISO, ​Shooting Modes, Depth of Field, White Balance​) and the basic's of photo editing using different supports and Adobe Light Room.

The Men's Core students do their course on Lake Kariba leaving them the opportunity to take photos of wildlife, spectacular sunsets and water reflections.


As part of the videography course, students will be taught the basic's of using a DLSR camera and their phones. They will learn the different steps needed to take good videos (creating a shot list, setting up a shot, filming horizontally), the basic's of video editing using different supports and iMovie.

Journal writing

The basics of journal and blog writing.

Throughout the course students are encouraged to keep a journal of their time at Quest and to use this to use this to produce a personal development essay. They gain experience in using media constructively by writing blogs, gathering photographic and video material, editing and the production of film clips. They are introduced to the principles of photography, videography and journalistic writing.

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