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As part of the Adventure and Eco-Tourism module, students will be tackling the more extreme side of sporting disciplines from rock climbing, and mountain biking, white water rafting, and practical pistol shooting. 
In action, each of these sports are a physical endeavour, but in achieving the goal students will be faced with overcoming a state of mind, conquering their fears, and developing a passion for life through adventure. 
Techniques and basic skills will be taught on campus, whilst travel to locations such as Matopos National Park, Blyde River Canyon, Kruger National Park and Victoria Falls will take place for the “real thing”.



Other less extreme sports will take place throughout the course and include regular runs, orienteering, bow hunting, and cycling, as well as the various sports available to Esigodini students at Falcon college grounds (tennis, squash, swimming, and basketball amenities). Fields for rugby and hockey are within close proximity. 

Specific training will include: 
* Aerobic exercise 
* Resistance and weight training 



Students will complete both a basic and advanced medical emergency course, with special attention given to emergencies in an outdoors environment and less-accessible locations. This will be a very practical orientated course with scenarios applied closely resembling real-life situations. The medical emergency course will be a fun but at times extremely serious section of the course. Students who fail this course will be required to rewrite.

The adventure, eco-tourism and health & fitness module is an essential part of the course. It ensures that students all build up to and maintain a basic level of fitness, essential for physical well-being of students, while also helping them develop the mental toughness to conquer their fears. 
The courses contained in this module will see students travel to various locations across Zimbabwe and/or South Africa. While the Esigodini campus makes extensive use of the gymnasium and other amenities offered at Falcon College, the Kaba campus has Port Elizabeth and Grahamstown just 1 hour away in opposite directions 

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