• Rock climbing/abseiling

  • Mountain biking  (opportunity to participate in major cycling and hiking events such as Ironwill)

  • Map reading, orienteering and GPS work

  • Hiking, local and in mountains

  • Horse riding

  • White water rafting

  • Canoeing

  • Sub aqua diving (PADI certified)

  • Paintball

Travel to places such as:

  • Chimanimani mountains, Nyanga, Matobo hills, Victoria Falls, Hwange, Lake Malawi, Okavango Delta and Kariba



  • Aerobic ( running, mountain biking, swimming ) /anaerobic Training

  • Circuit training 

  • Endurance training

  • Core strengthening

  • Yoga

  • Cross  Training 

  • Strength training

  • Boot Camp type workouts (mainly for mental resilience and team work)

  • Compound exercises

  • Dynamic Warm ups  and Functional moves used during workouts

  • Calisthenics

  • Agility, coordination and balance 

  • Quest Fitness Test and Cycling Test  done to monitor progress

  • Adventure/stamina challenges

  • Introduction to self defence techniques

Sport opportunities:
Opportunity to utilise Falcon College facilities for :

  • rugby

  • squash

  • tennis

  • hockey

  • soccer

  • water polo

  • swimming and Quest fitness test are part of the weekly routine.


Students will complete both a basic and advanced medical emergency course, with special attention given to emergencies in an outdoors environment and less-accessible locations. This will be a very practical orientated course with scenarios applied closely resembling real-life situations. The medical emergency course will be a fun but at times extremely serious section of the course. Students who fail this course will be required to rewrite.

As part of the Adventure and Eco-Tourism module, students will be tackling the more extreme side of sporting disciplines from rock climbing, and mountain biking, white water rafting, and practical pistol shooting. 

In action, each of these sports are a physical endeavour, but in achieving the goal students will be faced with overcoming a state of mind, conquering their fears, and developing a passion for life through adventure. 

Physical fitness program includes the following disciplines that are used to build general functional fitness and strength:

The physical program provides a critical role in the development of character and self belief in the young men. We are confident that Quest will provide the foundation for lifelong habits of fitness and health and also an enjoyment of various adventure sports.