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Quest's flagship course involves 4 terms from January to December and is open to male applicants between the ages of 17 and 21. The first 3 terms comprise the Quest Core Course activities based on the development of  technical, natural, physical, business and social life skills. The 4th term (sometimes referred to as Core+) is dedicated to “specialization” and extending the leadership and technical skills gained on the Core programme. Graduates of the Core Course are able to focus on skills development in certain selected areas, including acquiring practical leadership experience and a work placement relating to their chosen area of interest. This is a flexible programme, combining experiential learning opportunities with practical leadership experience, work placements and culminating in the planning and execution of an overland expedition. Quest Core graduates can choose to focus on one of the 3 specialist areas shown below. 


  • Placement in safari camp 

  • Intense preparation for FGASA, or Zim Hunter’s and Guides 

  • Further instruction in topics such as:

* Firearms 

* Bush mechanics 
* Anti-poaching 
* Advanced fieldcraft


The Technical module will focus on the project management and development of a significant infrastructure project requiring a combination of trade skills. Instruction will be given in the following areas:

  • Advanced welding

  • Advanced plumbing

  • Advanced vehicle mechanics

  • Fibre-glassing

  • Marine engine maintenance



* Coaching experience in school environment 
* Coaching clinics 
* Development of outdoor adventure skills 
* Outward bound attachment 
* Leadership role in other Quest programmes 
* Aspects of personal training 
* Sports ground maintenance

TYPE: Quest Classic (Men's Core & Core +)

LENGTH: 10 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: Specialised extension on chosen acumen. Includes advanced skill acquisition, practical leadership experience, work experience related to the chosen sector and planning and executing a cross-border (COVID dependent) overland expedition.

Upcoming Courses

17th January 2023 to 2nd December 2023


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