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Where is Quest ?

The main campus is situated on the 2000 ha Quiet Waters wilderness estate adjacent to Falcon College – a leading boys senior school in Matabeleland; however, a number of locations will be utilised for specific disciplines, and will help maintain and provide a high degree of interest and variety. These range from the Matopos hills to the Victoria Falls, from the Bubye River hunting area to the Eastern Highlands. Falcon College provides the high performance centre, Information Communications Technology and Technology and Design facilities.

Who can apply and is this for me?

Quest Africa is open to 18-21 year old men and women (Mixed Core) and runs throughout the year with various courses. There are two short breaks during this time. At the same time Quest is not for everyone. Not all candidates who apply will be accepted, and not all candidates who start the programme will finish it. It is truly challenging. Individuals will be assessed on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional level prior to joining the programme. During the course of the programme a young man's/woman's character will be tested; he/she will develop physical and mental courage tempered by a sense of what is right. By the end of the course, he/she will have developed real mental grit, exceptional physical stamina and posses near unbreakable self esteem. Throughout he/she will confront and conquer his/her fears on an individual level and as part of a team. Through this team work exceptional bonds of friendship will be established that will last a lifetime; most importantly they will have developed the real essence of leadership which is carrying people with them by persuasion and example. By the end of the programme, the participants will be equipped to take responsibility for their own destiny by making decisions based on a variety of experiences and knowledge gained during the programme.

How much free time will we have?

There will be two breaks during the Men's Core and one break during the Mixed Core (dates to be advised). Depending on the schedule there will also be free time during parts of the weekend and on many of the evenings. There are also special occasions when, parents, family and friends will be invited to join us. While it is not encouraged, Quest will allow participants leave of absence to attend key family occasions such as weddings.

Who will be leading and lecturing the programme?

A group of exceptionally well-qualified lecturers and facilitators, most of them very well known and respected in their fields, are on hand headed up by Keith Reesby. Guest speakers will be invited to address and interact with the young men throughout the course of the programme.

How long has Quest been running?

Quest is in its 13th year having run its first course for 12 students in 2010.Since then over 400 students have passed through the doors with only three failing to complete .

What about emergencies?

The camp is adjacent to Falcon College which has a full time trained nurse and ambulance facilities for transfer to Bulawayo. Arrangements are in place to handle any emergencies. Be assured that the utmost care is taken when doing extreme activities. Instructors are responsible for the safety of each student.

What certification will I receive at Quest?

Participants will receive various diplomas and certificates throughout the programme for subjects such as welding and plumbing. The Quest diploma itself, will be the overriding certification which will become highly marketable amongst the Southern African hunting, travel and tourism industries as well as more mainstream careers such as construction and mechanics. Each participant will build a portfolio of evidence during their time at Quest which will be available for SA accreditation purposes as well as potential employees.

What is the cost of the programme?

2024 Prices:

Mixed Core: International $10,395, SADC US$ 9,695

Men's Core: International US$16,445, SADC $15,745

Core Plus: International US$5,950, SADC $5,500 (in addition to Men's Core fee)

What you get and lots more!

Food & Accommodation

Professional Instructors for the different accumens

Education in photography, mechanics, electrics, construction, media, cooking, public speaking, leadership, etiquette, plumbing, design, mining, welding, writing & many more

Daily Personal Training

Trips to many locations inside Zimbabwe, with one cross-border expedition to Malawi, Mozambique or Botswana.

The use of all facilities at Falcon College

A Quest Diploma

What about smoking and drinking?

Quest is designed for young adults and you will be treated as such. It is, however, also expected of you to act responsibly and with respect for both your team mates and the programme leader and lecturers.. Should you wish to smoke, that is your choice and you will not be stopped although there will be many times when smoking is not permitted such as during lectures. Drugs and alcohol abuse will not be tolerated and could result in you being asked to leave the programme without remuneration.

Where do students come from?

From all over the world. In the past 5 years, the mix of students has included young men and women from Zimbabwe, Switzerland, UK, Tanzania, Zambia, Mauritius, Namibia, France, Netherlands, Germany, Dubai, Qatar, Congo, Bahrain, Australia, Hong Kong and the USA, with the majority from South Africa. 

Can I get into Zimbabwe?

Yes! And, contrary to what media makes out, it is a safe African country. Depending on country of origin visas are required and student versions are arranged by Quest. This does involve a fair amount of paper work.

Please feel free to ask us questions by filling in the Contact form below!

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