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The seven month Quest Africa core. This is a 3 term programme from January to August. This programme takes male school leavers and transforms them into independent, resilient, and resourceful young men.

Quest Men's Core is a comprehensive life-skills program involving acumen development in six life skills areas, which we refer to as acumen's at Quest: Natural, Physical, Technical, Social, Business and Media This is an excellent option for students who are not able to complete the full-year Core Classic programme due to University enrollment or other commitments.

The participants are challenged physically, mentally and psychologically to develop character and attitude. The course involves a system of hands-on experiential learning, whereby participants develop confidence in their ability to overcome obstacles and take on new challenges.

TYPE: Quest for young Men

LENGTH: 7 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: Once in a lifetime adventure built around the Quest Acumens


January 2024 to  August 2024

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