Upcoming Courses

24th August 2020 to 10th December 2020

Semester Break: 19th to 29th September 2020

This is open to young men and women aged 17 to 21 years. It will give girls as well as men the opportunity to have the real ‘Core’ experience. Although shorter than the Men’s core it is still challenging, still offers a fantastic and unique African experience and continues to cover all the key elements of the Quest curriculum. It will build confidence, develop life skills and help participants confirm their real direction in life.

The timing is designed to give those from the Southern Hemisphere the chance to finish off their year in a really constructive way, while those from the Northern Hemisphere can kick off their gap year with an exciting and productive African experience - and be home by Christmas.

TYPE: Quest for young Men and Women

LENGTH: 5 Months

AGE: 17-21

ADVENTURE: A slightly shorter but still a once in a lifetime adventure built around the Quest Acumens

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