Available to : Young men and young women

Age : 17 - 21

These experiences have sparked interests in places I never thought that interest could be sparked! - Gabe Wielinga 2019

Upcoming Courses

18th July to the 8th December 2022

It will give young ladies as well as young men the opportunity to have the real ‘Core’ experience. Although shorter than the Men’s core it is extremely challenging, still offers a fantastic and unique African experience and continues to cover all the core elements of the Quest curriculum. It will build confidence, develop life skills and help participants confirm their real direction in life.

The timing is designed to give those from the Southern Hemisphere the chance to finish off their year in a really constructive way, while those from the Northern Hemisphere can kick off their gap year with an exciting and productive African experience before seeing what the rest of the world has to offer.

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Physical Acumen

  • Adventure sports​, including...

- Mountaineering

- Mountain biking

- Scuba diving 

  • Travel and tourism, including...

- Esigodini

- Lake Kariba

- Victoria Falls

- Various national parks

- Malawi

  • Health and Fitness, including...

- Gym

- Nutrition

- Circuit training

- Calisthenics

- Distance running and cycling

  • Sporting opportunities, including

- Rugby

- Waterpolo/ swimming

- Basketball

- Cricket

Media Acumen and IT

  • Photography and editing

  • Cinematography

  • Journalism and writing

  • Web design and Google analytics

  • Cyber security

Business Acumen

  • Introduction to business and business strategy

  • Finance and accounts

  • Leadership and business

  • Marketing

  • Human Resource Management

​These core lessons will be applied in the  projects section, where students will have to start and run a project which are centred around one of the acumens. For instance, running and managing a farming start up.


Everything from managing the finances of the project to ensuring the human capital of the programme is looked after and performs to an optimum standard.

Social Acumen

  • ​Career and life management

  • Interests and skills

  • Values

  • Communication

  • Curriculum and goal setting

  • Entertainment and hospitality

  • Public speaking and toastmasters

Technical Acumen

  • Safety in the workplace

  • Mechanics

  • Welding

  • Construction

  • Architecture and design

  • Plumbing

  • Electrics

Natural Acumen

  • Introduction to hunting and guiding industries

- Travel to game reserves and national parks

- Introduction to the wilderness regs of Zimbabwe

- Intro to the hunting and guiding learners license of Zimbabwe.


  • Animal husbandry, game farming and agriculture​​

  • Fauna, flora and conservation practices

  • Equine industry

  • Fish farming industry - culminating in a trip to Lake Malawi. 

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