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A week of "Firsts"

By Reinhardt Herholt, Jack Jaspan and Kyle Shaw of Magellen Tent

Compared to the previous weeks, this week has been a less physically demanding one. We have spent most of our time in the classroom doing our Advanced First Aid course. However, we have escaped the classroom in the late afternoons and started our touch rugby practice for the Touchbowl Tournament in March. We have also had a Games Night up at the Randle’s house that consisted of a few quick thinking and lateral thinking games. On Wednesday evening we had the introduction to our Toastmasters nights. The evening went very well and both our main speakers, Oscar and Charlie, spoke very well on their topics. Our debate topic on Transgenderism raised some heated discussions and a few raised eyebrows! Some of the Randle’s friends from the UK also joined in and were able to add some relevant points. Three impromptus were given, to Kai McQueen, Reinhard Herholt and Mike O’Brien, their topic being “My Favourite Letter of the Alphabet is…”

On Friday we focussed on our First Aid Exam, and eagerly (some less eagerly) await our results.

This weekend witnessed the opening of the Quest Bar. But before that could happen there had to be a good evening of entertainment / skits. Most of Saturday was spent in Bulawayo trying to get our phone lines sorted out and doing a bit of shopping. Sadly the phones have gone back under lock and key again. The skits all turned out really well and the bar was opened much to everyone’s delight.

Bar Night at Quest Africa

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