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Construction, Community Work & Competing

By Mitchell, Oscar and Kai of Nansen Tent

This week the Quest boys were split up, with some being put to work on construction projects around Quest while others assisted at an environmental camp for 60 Grade 6 school kids… it’s unclear as to who had the tougher weeks work!

The construction group made use of the skills they had learnt the week before and set about plastering a fish tank and putting up a new wall by the kitchen area, and so far everything still seems to be standing. After a few days of construction we moved on to community work with a Ntabanende. This consisted of a few days of classroom work with the kids and then we helped to hand out beanies and gloves knitted by an ex Questors Godmother in the UK! Everyone was very humbled by the conditions that the kids learned in and all agree that we are incredibly privileged with what we have. The weeks work for both groups of Quest boys was both tiring and rewarding however the hard work was not over.

On Saturday we made our way to Ncema dam for a 21km running race. The Quest boys were entered in teams of 3 with each person having to run 7km but for many that was not enough with several people running a mix of 14km to 21km. Quest boys put in an excellent effort taking the top three places in their category, It’s clear that we have all come a long way from the days when we would dread a 2km run. With the run over we got to the ‘fun stuff’ and spent a good 6 hours being dragged around behind a boat on skis, wake boards etc at lots of mph, swiftly followed by an evening of eating and drinking. Ncema Dam was the perfect venue for a lovely weekend and I’d like to thank Andy Chase for driving the boat and being an excellent host. Many people were a little delicate on Sunday morning and the day was spent moving slowly, but everyone had thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and finished the week on a high.

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