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Getting down to Business

By Nansen Tent: Mitchell Cumming, Oscar Lindskoug Mellnert and Kai Praschma

It was a mellow week at Quest with everyone staying in their routines. The final group of Questors went out to Matopos for a couple of days of cycling and sight-seeing and the rest of us remained at Quest to continue with our mechanics and cooking courses.

The cyclists, who experienced some exciting thunder and lightning storms in the Matopos, were welcomed back on Wednesday night with a potjie, prepared by this week’s chefs.

Once the whole intake was together again we moved into the Business lessons. Mr. Chalmers taught us a number of basic skills that should allow us more control of our money. These skills could certainly benefit quite a few individuals.

To allow the bar to open on Saturday night, some entertainment has to be provided for our facilitators. This week that entertainment was a fashion show put together by everyone. From swimsuit models to pyjamas, the ‘Collection’ was diverse. I think everyone enjoyed the opportunity to ‘strut their stuff’, with some showing a worrying flare for cat walking! We were all well in need of a nerve/ embarrassment settling drink when the bar opened!

We lost one of our ’weapons from the arsenal’ this weekend when Charlie returned to the UK. We wish him well.

A few of the group had the chance to do some horse riding this week and got in amongst a herd of zebra and wildebeest. This resulted in some great photographic opportunities. Another very diverse week at Quest.

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