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Over 350 young men and women have graduated from Quest courses in Zimbabwe and we remain in touch with the vast majority of our alumni. It is always great to hear of the positive, life-changing impact of the Quest experience, so here are some extracts from the many letters of thanks that we receive.


"Lately I’ve been thinking quite a lot about Quest and the impact the program has had on my life. The impact as a whole has been astonishing. I came back with the boldness to face my fears and my laziness, which led me to getting a scholarship for a once in a lifetime course of study! This would have never happened without Quest! 

Here, I just wanted to take some time to thank you for everything. Thank you for every little thing I may have learned from you and big thanks for the opportunity to participate in general. It has been a great honor!" (Men's Core 2017)

"Physically and mentally I have never felt stronger. I arrived here fragile and often lacking the energy or willpower to do things I felt were out of my control or comfort zone. I feel confident in my abilities and I now know that I can do hard things, even if I fail in the beginning, even if it takes multiple tries and it feels like hell. 

I will leave quest taking away amazing experiences, true hardships and strifes, friendships made, broken and rekindled. Best of all, I’m leaving with confidence and love within myself, something that I lacked for so long. I am also leaving with some of the strongest relationships I have ever made, I have met people that I never thought existed and I am truly grateful to know that they are now apart of my life".  (Female Questor from Mixed Core 2021)


"We as parents of Nicholas, just want to thank you formally for the amazing experience and opportunity that you provided for him this year. We are forever grateful for all the skills, knowledge, discipline, self belief and encouragement  you have passed on to him. Your incredible knowledge and experience, expertise, patience, guidance, faith and encouragement towards Nicholas have been highly valued and appreciated. We are feeling blessed to have been able to support Nicholas’ life journey with a part of your profound course in Zimbabwe. Thank you to each one of you that has contributed to the forming of Nicholas at Quest. He has not had a bad word about any of you, but praise and the highest respect. He’s been moulded into a great young man, who is very independent, skilfull and now being able to communicate better with his peers and adults around him. His CV from Quest has made applying for jobs and apprenticeships in the UK by far much easier. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the part you played in our son’s life". (Men's Core 2019)


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the time my son spent at Quest. Thank you for the skills and knowledge that you imparted and also for giving back to us a young man that makes a parent proud. I really appreciate the efforts and patience in grooming the boys and I am sure all the parents and families are astounded at the positive changes to their sons". (Core Classic 2018) 


"I would just like to say thank you again for giving Tim this wonderful opportunity.  We have noticed a HUGE difference in Tim and so have many of our friends and his friends.  His confidence is the most noticeable change and he is no longer that shy boy who would not interact with others.  He is so responsible now but most noticeably is being accountable for his actions.  He has gone off to Stellenbosch and sorted everything out himself, not wanting any help whatsoever while all his friends have their mothers running around sorting everything out for them. We have received many compliments about Tim and his growth into adulthood so far.  Thank you for giving him this grounding". (Men's Core 2018)


"I want to say a massive thank you for the 7 months that you gave to Callum.  We stumbled across Quest by accident as we were desperately trying to find something for him to do during his gap year.  Little were we to know that he would get a genuinely life-transforming experience.  I am personally delighted with the way he is now looking at life. This would not have happened without the mentoring provided by you and the range of challenging experiences provided but more importantly the expectations you put on him.  We are very proud of his achievements, clearly the fitness award but especially the leadership one.  It will hold him in good stead for his whole life". (Men's Core 2020)


"Simon arrived at Quest a bit overweight, and also immature with a tendency to do only as much as was needed to stay out of trouble. Simon needed Quest. He told me that at the beginning of Quest, he would run along pretty slowly, hoping that somebody would drop out, meaning that he could then take a breather – he was a tail-ender. But you managed to get him to the point when he realized that he could compete, and you ignited his competitive spirit!  Getting fit is a wonderful thing, and once achieved, is almost addictive.  Without Quest, I fear that Si would never have been pushed into being fit, and his potential in life would have been severely limited as a result.  We cannot thank you and your whole team enough for what you did for Si. The change has been remarkable;  Si is the first to admit that he has no filter, and often says things that perhaps might have been better unsaid. But I am now confident that Si will be in a position after Quest to get the most out of his three years at university – he may get into the odd skirmish, but he will now cope, and I think has every chance of thriving.  Thank You!" (Men's Core 2020)

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